Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bile duct blues part 4

Just finished discussing with surgeon. Scheduled for surgery tomorrow at 11am.

Tumour is located almost at junction of bile duct and gall bladder. There is possible involvement of hepatic artery and portal vein, which is the surgeon's biggest concern.

He does not believe pancreas is involved but will be able to verify this during operation.

Plan is to remove gall bladder, bile duct, tumour and surrounding glands with careful attention to dissection around artery and vein. Then reconstruct bile duct with some "spare" bowel.

Removed tissue will be examined and recommendations for oncological follow-up made on the basis of what is found.

I will update again with outcome of operation and results of histology/pathology studies when I can but expect this to be in a few days as I will be in intensive care for observation following the operation.

Wish me luck.



Yvonne D. said...

Bon courage. Thinking of you. Best wishes and bizous. Bushlampofpoo :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jon,

We missed you at the HISA Board this morning though I am sure you enjoyed the post-meeting visit from Louise.

Best of luck for tomorrow and a steady hand for the surgeon! Regards, #phil_rob

Neal Kraus said...

All of us are thinking of you and send you positive love and best wishes. looking forward to hearing promising results.

sue, Neal, Michael,
Serry & Garry