Friday, January 18, 2013

Bile duct blues

I am currently struggling with an obstruction in my bile duct. I am not doing this alone of course,  and am receiving advice and treatment from very fine physicians and surgeons.

My thanks to the many friends and colleagues who have expressed concern for me and my health. To keep you all up to date I thought I would use my blog to post some updates on my progress. I will try to keep up to date but please understand I may not always be capable of doing so.

The story so far. I started feeling a little unwell just before Christmas. While on leave in Tasmania I lost my appetite and noticed my urine was getting dark and my stools pale. I became jaundiced.  Immediately on arrival back in Melbourne I sought treatment and was admitted to hospital.

The first investigation was an ultrasound which showed some dilation of the duct but did not clearly show the cause.  Neither did a CT scan. MRI imaging showed an obstruction in the duct upstream of the gall bladder - but not a lot of detail is visible.

At this point I was advised that surgery would be necessary and that due to the location this would not be trivial.

My surgeon has ordered another test - an endoscopic ultrasound and needle biopsy.This is a relatively new procedure that uses an endoscope with an ultrasound emitter/receiver that will be able to image the bile duct area from inside my duodenum, and also take a tissue sample with a needle.

I am having this procedure on Monday the 21st and will discuss results of pathology with the surgeon on the 22nd. At this stage I expect to be in surgery mid to late next week.  I will post an update if I can with the results of the pathology tests.

That's it for now.

Jon Hilton


Anonymous said...

OK Jon, this is a good way to keep in touch with you and your bile duct...we hope all goes well on Monday and will await the results. AS if you didn't have enough on your plate with the fires so near to you in Tassie... all best wishes and lots love to you and Denise, A.Christine and Pete

Mike Gill said...

Sorry to hear the news John. Hope the surgeons fit you up good and tight. I guess the good news is that it does not appear to be related to RA. All the very best John. Cheers, Mike

Anonymous said...

It's the Maori in me but my first thought was crap all that lovely sea food in tissue and you got sick ! Take care mate and see you feb Tam