Monday, February 04, 2013

Bile duct blues part 13

Settling in at home and getting stronger every day.

Time for some reflection on the hospital experience. I was at the Epworth Hospital in Richmond, and I have to say that I was fortunate to have been there, in a private room for the most part.

I am extremely concerned about the Victorian State Government's reckless withdrawal of funding from the system and their transparent attempt to shift the blame to the Federal government (who while not entirely blameless do not deserve to be burdened with the blame for previous cuts). We do need to find a way to shift the investment in health from fixing problems after they have occurred to prevention and early intervention but there should be an understanding that this will require at least a temporary increase in overall funding. In addition, the record of state jurisdictions in understanding and responding to the need to collaborate effectively with a primary care sector that they do not fund or control is very poor indeed, universally across Australia. Anyway - I digress - more on this in future entries perhaps.

Nursing staff were highly professional, caring, busy. We should value our nurses, not only in hospitals but also those in domiciliary nursing and especially the growing group who work in primary care. They are vital to the efficient and effective delivery of health care.

The doctors were also great, as one should be able to expect in a top flight health system like ours.

A large part of the nurses' work with with me was routine monitoring of vital signs. This was managed on a paper chart and my thoughts on this will be the subject another blog entry.

Anyway, this will be the last in the " Bile duct blues" series.

Thanks to all those who looked after me so well in hospital.

Thanks again to all of those who sent cards, flowers and gifts. These were (and still are) much appreciated during a difficult time.


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Darren Halprin said...

Hi Jon,

Glad to hear you continue to feel better each day. I hope the chemo doesn't take too much out of you.

Give us a call when you feel well enough to chat.

Dazzz & Munsie