Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wonders of modern chemistry part 5

Right. Finally have started chemotherapy. Being infused with Oxaliplatin as I write.

There was a delay because my bilirubin levels were not coming down as quickly as the oncologist would have liked so he ordered more tests and asked the guy who installed the stent to check me  out. So, a liver ultrasound, an x-ray and more blood tests were required. Eventually got the go ahead with some adjustments in chemotherapy dosage.

The procedure to install a port was successful. The port came with an installation and user manual! It is a Bard SlimPort (TM).  It is connected to a subclavian vein and is working well.

Nothing else to report just yet. I will be in hospital for another night then all going well, home until the next session.

Feeling well so far.


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