Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wonders of modern chemistry part 11

I am a free man again - at least until the next chmo session starting on the 26th of March.

The pump was disconnected on Friday having discharged its payload of 4800 mg of Fluorouracil into my veins over 46 hours. Feeling a bit washed out (as expected). It is now Sunday morning.

Other signs/observations:
  • I was very prone to hiccups yesterday - less so today
  • Swallowing was mildly uncomfortable - especially once foodstuffs or liquids reached the end of the oesophagus (may be related to hiccups?)
  • Occasionally felt very, very faint signs of nausea
  • Sensitivity to pain increased - remaining wound pain was heightened, and there was some return of the unexplained abdominal pain I experienced after the last chemo session. Not as bad as last , and I am now more confident managing with appropriate pain relief.
  • Appetite is depressed again - can tolerate Sustagen and am having quite a bit of it at present. There are early signs that my appatite will pick up again, so feeling hopeful about that.
  • Need to be careful to remain hydrated - don't feel like drinking much water, so have to focus on making sure I take in fluids.
I woke this morning very sweaty and hot. My temperature was 38.2. Infection is a high risk with chemo, so any temperature over 38  is a cause for concern, and I have been instructed to contact the nurses' station at the hospital if that happens.

I tried to call them at 8AM - no answer. Checked temperature again - down to 37.5 so now less concerned - think I may just have been wrapped up in too many blankets in bed.

Tried calling again at 8:30, 9:00 and 9:30 - still no answer. Called the hospital ED number - they tried to get through to the oncology ward - no luck - and ED staff could not give me advice because they did not have access to my record. It is Sunday morning and I know from experience that staff are thin on the ground and generally very busy.

Checked temp again - down to 37.1. Will try calling again later this morning just to check but pretty sure on don't have a raging infection.

Apart from this minor scare overall I am not feeling too bad.


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