Thursday, April 04, 2013

Wonders of modern chemistry part 13

Sorry - long time between posts. Has been a bit of a rough fortnight or so.

I had about the same reaction to the second round of chemo as I did to the first - it took a little longer, but I ended up in hospital extremely dehydrated and on a drip. The oncologist and I decided to delay the next round of chemo while I regained hydration, and some strength and we decided to change the chemo regime as clearly the Folfirinox regime was not agreeing with me.

After a one week delay I had a round of Gemcitabine yesterday. This will be repeated next week, then one week off. This cycle (two weeks of Gemcitabine, one week off) will be repeated for a yet to be determined time. If I regain enough strength we may give  Folfirinox another try - I think part of the problem was that I was not quite in condition to take it, having not really recovered from surgery for the first round, then not really recovered from the first round for the second.

So far, I am reacting OK to Gemcitabine. I had started to regain some appetite prior to the treatment, and so far it has only been slightly affected - I had some breakfast this morning and a little lunch.

Thanks again to all my well-wishers. I am currently feeling much better - I think the increased dose of painkillers is helping there...


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Anonymous said...

There is a glass of top notch red with your name on it, waiting at JWs (when you are up to it). Best wishes. Chris L.