Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wonders of modern chemistry part 14

So, another long gap between reports. I'll have to give up apologising :-)

Since last time...

  • 6/4: Developed oedema (fluid retention) which is a known side effect of gemcitabine treatment. Spoke with oncologist who recommended I see a GP and get a prescription for diuretics.
  • 10/4 - 12/4: chemo at Freemasons day oncology, then to Freemasons hospital (highlight was being posted in a post maternity hotel style recovery room) for observation post chemo.
  • 17/4: Visited another GP who uses cdmNet with a view to creating a cdmNet care plan for myself in collaboration with the GP and staff. Discussed diet and other options with him and met with practice nurse. They are happy to cooperate.

A week later, the real action starts:

  • 23/4: Severe nausea and vomiting in the middle of the night. Temperature of 39.6 (peaked later at 40.9!) Went to Epworth emergency at 5.30am. Onto IV broad spectrum antibiotics and lots of tests. Admitted after 6 hours in ED recovery room, not feeling very well at all.
  • 23/4: Another CT revealed possible blockage in biliary stent and also a possible liver abscess. ERCP indicated to address stent issue, ultrasound and liver biopsy indicated for abscess.
  • 24/4: ERCP showed blockage in stent at the lower (bowel) end. Another stent inserted inside the original, this one is a covered type rather than open mesh.
  • 25/4: Based on CT, an Ultrasound guided percutaneous drainage of liver abscess was recommended, 6 ml of fluid withdrawn and sent for pathology testing.
  • 26/4: Blood test results indicated e-coli as infective agent, sensitive to penicillin. Antibiotic changed, several IV infusions. Pathology on fluid from abscess showed nothing in particular - apparently this is not unusual.
  • 27/4: Discharged, with oral antibiotics and feeling much better. Appetite is back. Yeah!

I am due back at the GP on Wednesday and need to draft my care plan before that.

Next chemo session is also Wednesday - was originally due the week before but delayed due to above complications.

Overall, I feel like some progress has been made here - and I am definitely feeling much better. Let's see how the next round of chemo goes...

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