Friday, May 10, 2013

Wonders of modern chemistry part 15

Chemo on Wednesday the 9th of May.

Feeling OK - slight increase in pain but nothing unbearable. Some general discomfort in abdomen but not really nauseous. No sign of oedema this time.

All in all, feeling OK. eating well still, appetite is quite good.

Made a batch of carrot, silverbeet, ginger and pear juice in the new slow juicer - surprisingly drinkable.

cdmNet is working very well - the oncologist has put in a note, which impressed the practice nurse and GP no end. I have been putting in notes, appointments and measurements also as a patient. I had a conversation with the practice nurse about cdmNet and how it is working.

It seems that the care teams that they are working with are not well engaged with cdmNet. This is understandable, as they have probably received very little in the way of training and support, and Precedence cannot provide unlimited support resources for the hundreds of thousands of allied health and other health providers that are out there. This can be rectified with some effort, but it does point to a key role for Medicare Locals in assisting with the awareness and uptake of initiatives such as cdmNet.

Barwon Medicare Local have showed us the way to do this, and have run a series of events that have done a lot to help raise the awareness and skills of health professionals in their region. Hats off to them for their efforts here.

The practice also has a key role to play here, after all we don't want to interfere with their relationships with local providers. We (Precedence and Medicare Locals) should be aiming to help practices maximise the benefit of cdmNet by assisting them to make the most of their relationships with care teams.

The conversation also highlighted some gaps in training materials and approaches. We need more material to assist patients to make the most of cdmNet. The practice nurse can play a role here also, but they were not aware, for example, that a patient could enter progress notes into cdmNet. Anyway, here is a link to the training videos that we do have, and this includes a patient module:


Anonymous said...

Hi Jon,
good to hear you're feeling OK at the moment.
Also good to hear you have your cdmNet record working well for you.
Pear juice is a really good healer - we swear by it and usually use a mix of frozen berries in the smoothie too.
good to read your updates, think of you often

Anonymous said...

Hi Jon
Have read your last posts. You are managing well, mastering the delicate concocting of drinkable juices. Got to get the mix of flavours just right as you don't want to be holding your nose just to get them down!
A bit of professional work on cdmNet is keeping you busy too.
Continue to take care, old bean.

Mary Ann