Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wonders of modern chemistry part 17

Chemo again yesterday. Went to Tiamo in Carlton for lunch on the way back from the hospital. Had a (pretty ordinary truth be told) veal parma. Should have had a spaghetti  bologna.

Yesterday afternoon and evening I felt very washed out and tired. I rested most of the afternoon in my recliner, dozing quietly and had a small dinner of silver beet, some leftover pork and a mash of celeriac, parsnip and swede.

This morning I feel more energetic and with less pain, which is great. I am gradually becoming aware that the abdominal pain is related in some way to the quantity of food that I am eating, With time delays as things pass through my digestive tract, it is a bit difficult to be certain about this association. Perhaps some experiments are in order. I guess I should maintain a food diary to give me some data to work with. I will investigate some apps to see if there is anything that will make this less tedious than it sounds.

It is also possible that the reduced pain is a sign that the chemo is working.

My weight seems to have stabilised at around 81-82 kg, which is probably about right given that I am not doing any form of heavy/aerobic exercise.

cdmNet is still working very well, and the care team are all putting their notes into it, so far I have a good collection of input from myself (of course) the GP, practice nurse, surgeon, oncologist and dentist. I have a good relationship with the pharmacist, so they will be next :-)

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