Monday, July 08, 2013

Wonders of modern chemistry part 18

Back in hospital again because of a high temperature. This was on the 4th of July, last Thursday. I had been feeling progressively worse over the previous week or two.

Should have noted all that in the blog and I probably would have picked up more warning signs earlier.  Don't believe for a  minute that this will make me change my ways though.

Anyway,  I felt chilly and a little sweaty so checked using my in ear thermometer,  38.3 degrees, well into the danger zone.  Packed some things and off to the ED at Epworth. Getting used to the procedure. Certainly the admission to ED was simple enough - clinical triage and one form to sign. Under observation, blood tests,  broad spectrum antibiotics given intravenously through a cannula even though I pointed at a port in my chest installed for the purpose of making it easier to stick stuff into my venous system.

A few hours in ED then off to the ward. Four beds, noisy,  lots of coming and going.  Didn't sleep well there and not making much clinical progress either - still getting temperature spikes and not improving much. Off my tucker. Somewhere in the middle of that they discovered my port and wanted to know why this was not used, then started using it.

Denise, my very competent and patient wife and carer put me on a waiting list for a single room.  I didn't escape room 27 until Saturday evening. I am now in comparatively idyllic surrounds with the IV pump setting the rhythm for many aspects of my life.

I am gradually improving.  This kind of thing is fairly common in patients like myself with biliary stents. Expect to escape in the next couple of days and to be well enough to attend HIC.  My appetite is gradually improving from a very low base,  so the signs are good.

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Christopher Meegan said...

Greetings from Everyone at Royal Park, I thought the cold was getting to you, hope you are out and about soon.
I talked to Barry Coley who sends greetings also fron himself and Elizabeth, he was not aware of your illness and is now back in England for six months.
Hope to see you soon Chris Meegan